Seriale Game-Show (2 dopasowania)

Tytuł Young Engineers (Noored Insenerid)
Gatunek Game-Show
Rok Episode aired 31 January 2015
Opis How well do the contestants know how to built things? It is time to grab hammers and drills and start building! Is it possible to build well bearing constructions if there aren't any tools?... See full summary »
Obsada Heli Lukner, Kaja Pae, Aigar Vaigu
Tytuł Gotowanie na haju
Oryginalny Cooking on High (original title)
Gatunek Game-Show
Rok TV Series (2018– )
Opis Competitive cooking show where the primary ingredient is marijuana.
Obsada Ngaio S. Bealum, Josh Leyva, Brandon Coates
IMDB 4.0