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Tytuł Hinterland
Gatunek Kryminał, Dramat, Tajemnica
Rok TV Series (2013– )
Opis A noir crime drama set in Aberystwyth, Wales, where troubled DCI Tom Mathias solves murders while searching for redemption.
Obsada Richard Harrington, Mali Harries, Alex Harries
IMDB 7.0
Tytuł The Code
Gatunek Dramat
Rok TV Series (2019– )
Opis A look at the professional and personal lives of some of the military's brightest legal minds in the courtroom, where each attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator - and a Marine.
Producent Craig Sweeny
Obsada Anna Wood, Ato Essandoh, Phillipa Soo
IMDB 5.0
Tytuł Szogun
Oryginalny Shogun (original title)
Gatunek Przygoda, Dramat, Historyczny
Rok TV Mini-Series (1980)
Opis A English navigator becomes both a player and pawn in the complex political games in feudal Japan.
Obsada Richard Chamberlain, Toshirô Mifune, Yôko Shimada
IMDB 8.0
Tytuł Odlegly front
Oryginalny Over There (original title)
Gatunek Akcja, Dramat, Wojenny
Rok TV Series (2005)
Opis A dramatized take on war in Iraq.
Producent Steven Bochco
Obsada Josh Henderson, Luke Macfarlane, Erik Palladino
IMDB 7.0
Tytuł Golden Boy
Gatunek Komedia
Rok TV Series (2019– )
Opis The Golden Boy is Tama, He's an All Black and everyone in Crawdon is basking in his reflected glory. Everyone but his older sister; Mitch, who's returned home from Auckland to find that the... See full summary »
Producent Thomas Ward
Obsada Rima Te Wiata, Erana James, Kimberley Crossman
IMDB 6.0