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Tytuł Legion
Gatunek Akcja, Dramat, Sci-Fi
Rok TV Series (2017–2019)
Opis David Haller is a troubled young man diagnosed as schizophrenic, but after a strange encounter, he discovers special powers that will change his life forever.
Producent Noah Hawley
Obsada Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza
IMDB 8.0
Tytuł Barter Kings
Gatunek Reality-TV
Rok TV Series (2012– )
Opis Barter Kings is an American reality television series on A&E in the United States. The series premiered on June 12, 2012. It features Antonio Palazzola and Steve McHugh as they trade items for better items without any currency exchange.
Obsada Antonio Palazzola, Steve McHugh, Kendall-Leigh Neuner
IMDB 5.0
Tytuł Wolfblood
Gatunek Familijny, Fantastyka
Rok TV Series (2012–2017)
Opis Maddy Smith and her family are the only wolfbloods in Stoneybridge, which is a well-kept secret. They lead a peaceful life until Rhydian, a wolfblood, arrives and triggers chaos.
Producent Debbie Moon
Obsada Gabrielle Green, Leona Vaughan, Shorelle Hepkin
IMDB 7.0
Tytuł Gwiazda szeryfa
Oryginalny Tin Star (original title)
Gatunek Kryminał, Dramat, Thriller
Rok TV Series (2017– )
Opis Ex undercover UK cop turned police chief of a small town in the Canadian Rockies does what he must to defend his family from those in power whether it's the oilmen, the preachers or the gangsters.
Obsada Tim Roth, Genevieve O'Reilly, Abigail Lawrie
IMDB 7.0
Tytuł Nagi patrol
Oryginalny Son of the Beach (original title)
Gatunek Komedia
Rok TV Series (2000–2002)
Opis A parody of "Baywatch" featuring Malibu Adjacent's world-famous lifeguard, Notch Johnson.
Producent David Morgasen
Obsada Jaime Bergman, Roland Kickinger, Leila Arcieri
IMDB 6.0